What is NA Chain's vision?

We hope that in upcoming projects and in the far future, there will be no centralization of power. A wide range of NA community members will jointly guide the development direction of the project, instead of a single core team to determine the future of the project. The future of NA will Yes and it should be multi-team maintenance, multi-community consensus, 100% belonging to all NA holders, truly making NA community consensus the basis of users, rather than the exclusive use of an elite group.

Application full node (21*N) (DPOS+DAG)

You must have a full node certificate; after obtaining the certificate, you can download random test questions for performance testing. The scores of each round of testing will be automatically wound on the chain. Used to highlight the computing performance of this device. Have an independent external network IP address. The device needs to be online for a long time.

Ordinary nodes can vote for NA full nodes. Get a 10% weighted profit share, and vote for a cap of 1,000 per device.

A lightweight Turing complete virtual machine developed for the NA ecosystem. It is a high-performance blockchain network distributor designed to provide an efficient, convenient, stable, secure and scalable custom blockchain system. The concept of virtual machines explained in this white paper is very narrow. It is not a simulation of a physical machine through an operating system. NVM supports micro-service architecture, and has dynamic analysis function, which can realize Web dynamic rendering development (similar to ASP/PHP/JSP).


At least 7 backups

Create a common application release fee, destroy 10% at a time
Publish and install application package, destroy 10% at one time
AppStore is released to the application market, and 10% is destroyed every year
NFS lease fee, 10% of each order destroyed
Transfer fee Gas, 10% per transaction