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NA Chain

The first to propose a heterogeneous compound chain model

Support diverse consensus mechanisms, distributed storage, dynamic pricing, anti-quantum computing, cross-chain operations and other innovative technologies

NA Chain hopes to improve the public chain ecology through its own advanced technology concept.Realize decentralized applications with low learning threshold and ease of use.The perfect application of the traditional technology ecology into the chain change.

Consensus mechanism of Nirvana


Application main chain: based on POWF consensus mechanism . Application instance: logic chain (DPOS/Custom) + data chain (DAG)

The consensus layer is the core part of the blockchain protocol, which defines the consensus algorithm and block data paradigm. NA uses an innovative heterogeneous composite chain consensus mechanisms ,Users can choose the consensus mechanism that best suits their application requirements.

NA Virtual Machine

Lightweight Turing complete virtual machine developed by NA Ecosystem

A high-performance block chain network distributor aims to provide an efficient, convenient, stable, secure and scalable custom blockchain system. It is not a simulation of a physical machine through an operating system. NVM supports microservice architecture, , At the same time, it has the function of dynamic analysis, which can realize the development of dynamic Web rendering (similar to ASP/PHP/JSP)

N++ Programming language

Turing complete programming language

A development language for decentralized applications, through N++ you can easily develop: super smart contracts, DApp, DWeb and other advanced applications

How it Work

Best Blockchain Features


Ultra Fast & Secure Instant Private Transaction

All transmission protocols adopt the original chain design to realize the interconnection between independent blockchains and ensure the validity and use of cross-chain transactions. Security of user privacy data.


Highly Scalable Limitless Applications

N++ provides the function of asynchronous microservices, so a large application , we can also split it into dozens of small instance chains to achieve millions of TPS.


Reliable & Low Cost Instant Private Transaction

NA greatly reduces the cost of data storage through the hybrid consensus model. For example, using the data stored in DAG, we can reduce the handling fee to very low and relatively constant

N++ Feature

Fully equipped application development kit


Package the prepared project catalog application through the console command, Use NA official tools to install the application


After the application is successfully published, users can submit their own software in the application market, upload screenshots, icon icons, Description and other information


NA SDK includes a desktop development kit, we can develop desktop systems based on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Application software.


Through the development tools, we can compile the written .na program files, and at the same time can simulate and browse and run locally.

About NA DNS

Introducing the NA DNS

A scalable, distributed and open naming system based on the NA public chain, which provides access to domain name resolution portals for decentralized applications on the chain

  • The user can resolve the domain name to the specified IP address for domain name binding.
  • When the domain name is bound, the corresponding rental binding fee needs to be paid: 100NAC, which can be unbound and recycled after 360 days. The pledge fee for unbound unbound before the expiry date will not be refunded.
  • The domain name needs to activate the pan-analysis function to be able to bind the domain name rental.
  • Domain name rental can obtain income, and the renter needs to pay the rental fee.


Tokens can be used for full node certificate exchange, miner fees, destruction, pledge

Total issuance
Total destroyed
Final total
NOMC Total
NOMC Circulation
NOMC Unlock
Block time
Reduction cycle
every 4 years
Coin cycle
107 years
Technical team 500,000 locks for 20 months
Founding investment 1.5 million, locked for 20 months
Institutional investment 2 million for 20 months
Equipment company 3 million for the full node to destroy
DeFi output 75,000 output only a year
Global community 2 million, 50% first
Mining 65.925 million Excavated for 107 years
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Executive team

The Nirvana Team combines a passion for industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Jonathan Lancaster
Chief Process Officer

Formerly Senior Mobile Development Director at Apadmi Limited, Graduated from Oxford University.

Berton Carter
Technical Manager

Graduated from King's College London, UK, participated in the construction of Internet network platform since 2009

Craig Thompson
DFT Engineer

Former Chief Software Engineer of CearlSwift, Graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London

Milmar Ramirez
Media Advisor

NBCUniversal/Telemundo39, As an excellent early evangelist in the communication of blockchain industry

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